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5 reasons to make love before marriage

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Premarital sex: why is ok to have sex before marriage

Making love before marriage is a debatable topic. Society tells us that it’s filthy, dirty, and morally wrong, and women who get intimate before the actual nuptials are sinners. While according to the traditional and conservative wisdom, couple should wait to make love until the vows of matrimony have been said, there are many good reasons that support sex before marriage.

Sex before marriage

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Being a homosexual is no crime; in fact at Sunset Talks we support gay rights. However, you would be surprised to know that thousands of homosexuals are leading a double life especially in countries like India. Either the families are unaware, or due to the fear of the society, the families insist on traditional marriage. Whatever the case maybe, its check and mate for the other partner.

Sexual Compatibility

Even though intimacy is not the only thing for a successful marriage, sexual incompatibility is often a deal breaker for many. Studies prove that one of the most common reasons for separation or divorce is unsatisfactory sex. So, in my opinion it’s better to figure this out before you walk down the aisle.

The First Time

Wedding night is the worst time to lose your virginity, as first time sex for most women is bloody and painful. When the hymen breaks, it hurts and this process is generally unpleasant for both the parties. So, if you want your wedding night to be as blissful as the stories describe, get over that excruciating pain and messy experience before marriage.

Learn the art

Lovemaking is an art, the more you practice the better you become. By exploring this art, you get more creative, gain endurance, and learn those little tricks to better satisfy your spouse.

STD’s & pregnancy

STD’s or sexually transmitted disease is mostly a risk when you are sexually involved with multiple partners. And here we are discussing sex before marriage with your loved one. We suggest that instead of making STD’s an excuse, you both should consider a pre-marital medical test. It will also ensure safety post nuptial.

Moreover, today we have highly reliable precautionary methods like condoms. It not only prevents pregnancy but is also considered a safe method when used even with HIV positive partner. We give our consent to the fact that no contraception comes with a guarantee, however, the bitter truth is that nothing else does!

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As an individual, we all have our own social and cultural beliefs that we must uphold. Similarly, sex before marriage is a personal decision and should not be criticized in the name of society or religious morality.

Do let us know if you support love-making before marriage?

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  • j sharma

    your concluding para has cleared all my doubts.

    • admin

      Thanks for you comment. Hope we have been able to help you in a right way..

      • ravinder malhotra.

        by getting hymen broken before marriage, for a bloodless coup, girls tend to have more sex and get her labia widened and darker.

  • http://drdevinderbawa dr devinder bawa

    cold blooded points in favour of pms seem to be misleading
    could lead to a lot of chaos and turmoil
    difficult to handle in india

  • admin

    Dear Devinder,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Firstly, the topic is universal and has got nothing to with one country. Mo-rover, we are just putting the points in favor, rest is up-to an individual to decide what’s best for him/her. The basic point is, its an act of love and should have nothing to do with marriage. It should only be a personal decision.